3 reasons why the Ducks will make the playoffs in 2021



Oregon football has high expectations heading into the 2021 season – there’s no doubt about it.

Fans and members of the media are expecting great things from the Ducks this season. After two back-to-back conference titles, the Ducks have been close to qualifying for the playoffs for a few years now and 2021 looks like the year they’ll finally break through and reach the national semifinals.

Oregon hasn’t made the playoffs since its first year – the 2014 season – and it looks like the Ducks have the parts to run for the first time since then.

Mario Cristobal put the whole list together and here’s why I think the Ducks will make the playoffs in 2021.

3. Ohio State game will prepare Oregon for Pac-12 game

Getting Ohio State into a non-conference game will be a blessing in disguise for Oregon football, as the Ducks won’t see a team as complete or as strong as the Buckeyes all season.

This game could very well end in a loss and that would be my prediction, but this game is only going to help the Ducks in the long run. It’ll be a good test to see how the Ducks stack up against a college football playoff favorite and one of the nation’s top teams on the road. If they stay the course and have a chance to win late, they might find they have what it takes to advance to the playoffs.

Confidence can be built out of this game no matter what and facing a team like Ohio State would have to face off against USC, Washington and Utah like a piece of cake.

The Ohio State game will open their eyes and set the Ducks up for the rest of the Pac-12 game and help them lead the table.


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