A Mexican Restaurant in Southern Idaho Worth a Visit

It was a pleasant surprise. A friend at the office raves about El Cazador in Buhl. I’ve been there for a very, very long time and I’ve always enjoyed architecture. It is located in a large old cinema.

A few weeks ago, some Republican women invited me to lunch at a restaurant. They told me lunch would be free if I wanted to say a few words. I agreed. It’s more than fair trade from my point of view.

We ate before the speaking part and I was knocked out by my socks and left standing in my shoes. The food is delicious. I love Mexican food, but rarely get a chance to try places outside of Twin Falls. Buhl is not a long drive. I was there in less than half an hour. Lunch was packed! A former president of the county democrats saw photos that I posted on Facebook. She added that Republican women make good lunch choices. I will support that.

I plan to go back. Again and again.

El Cazador is spacious enough to feed all comers for lunch and can accommodate a few private parties at a time. There is parking along the street and a large parking lot behind the square.

If you are driving to Buhl at a time when gas prices are high, you probably want to accomplish two things. I did it. After the meeting, I walked down the street to CloverLeaf Creamery (mother ship is in Buhl). I bought the best eggnog on the planet and then shared it with friends at the office.

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