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The WSU defeats Oregon, the State of Oregon; season closes Friday in Washington


WSU forward Alyssa Gray (16) dribbles the ball during a college football game against USC on October 21, 2021 in Pullman.

WSU won two close games in Oregon over the weekend, improving its record to 12-2-4 overall and 6-1-3 in conference action.

WSU is ranked third in the Pac-12 behind UCLA and USC. With the losses, Oregon fell to 9-4-5 overall and 4-4-2 in conference while Oregon State fell to 11-7-0 overall and 3-7-0 in conference.

The Cougars won 1-0 over Oregon. The action in the game against the Ducks began with Cougar controlling as junior midfielder MacKenzie Frimpong-Ellertson and fifth-year forward Elyse Bennett took the first shots. WSU continued to dominate in the first half of the game, edging Oregon 12-5.

However, neither team managed to score in the first half of the game. The game heated up at the end of the first period when Cougar senior defenseman Mykiaa Minniss was shown a yellow card. Cougars second-year forward Aniah Cutler took the last shot of the first period, but he missed it.

The second half opened with shots from Bennett, Minniss and senior midfielder Sydney Studer. After that, the Ducks took control of the ball until second-year forward Margie Detrizio regained control of the ball.

The Cougars continued to dominate the shot, with many different players trying to get a goal but none succeeding until two minutes before the game was over. Bennett, assisted by fifth-year midfielder Sydney Pulver, scored the game-winning goal. It was Bennett’s 10th goal this season.

The final two minutes of the game were action-packed with Bennett and head coach Todd Shulenberger receiving yellow cards. Oregon junior forward Ally Cook attempted the last goal of the night but failed to tie for the Ducks.

The Cougars earned their fourth straight win over the Beavers and their first win at Corvallis since 2015 with a 3-2 victory. Oregon State has only become the third team to score multiple goals against WSU this season.

The first goal of the night came barely 12 minutes into the game when Oregon State first-year forward McKenna Martinez, assisted by first-year Sawyer Service midfielder and junior defenseman Helena Brown, scored for the Beavers.

The Cougars hit back just four minutes later when Detrizio, assisted by Bennett, scored his second goal of the season and tied the game. A minute later, junior midfielder Grayson Lynch attempted a shot but missed out.

After that, the Beavers regained control of the ball with Martinez attempting two shots. The second shot found the back of the net and put the Beavers ahead in the game. It was Martinez’s 12th goal of the season.

The rest of the first period saw the Cougars dominate on attempted shots, but none resulted in goals. Martinez continued his offense against the Cougars, attempting a goal a minute into the second period, but was saved by first-year goaltender Nadia Cooper.

The Cougars and Beavers traded the ball in the second period. In the 60th minute, Detrizio received a yellow card. Shot after shot would escape the Cougars until the 88th minute, when Pulver scored a penalty after Oregon State received a foul.

The goal tied the game and took him to overtime. The Beavers attempted two shots early in overtime. In the 98th minute, Detrizio, assisted by Studer, scored his second goal of the season to win the game for the Cougars.

“Great job from the state of Oregon today,” said Shulenberger. “They fought. They were tough today. They were really good today, to be honest with you. But what we showed was a lot of character and a lot of heart to come back.”

The Cougars end their regular season in Seattle with the Boeing Apple Cup Series competition against their American rival Washington. The game will take place Friday at 6 p.m. in Seattle at Husky Soccer Stadium. The match can be seen on the Pac-12 network.


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