Couple stuck in Oregon roadside snow for 12 hours

A couple were stranded for 12 hours after slipping on a snowy <a class=Oregon road, deputies said.” title=”A couple were stranded for 12 hours after slipping on a snowy Oregon road, deputies said.” loading=”lazy”/>

A couple were stranded for 12 hours after slipping on a snowy Oregon road, deputies said.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office (Oregon)

Michael and Lisa Silk thought they were too close to home to spend the night at a friend’s house after a snowy evening in Oregonthey told the media.

They ended up staying the night stranded on the side of a road.

The Vancouver couple had visited friends in Portland on Sunday, April 10. As they were returning home, their friend told them they could spend the night in their extra bedroom, Michael Silk told KPTV.

“It’s silly, we’re only half an hour from home,” he told the outlet. “We’ll just go home.”

the couple rode in their Prius take the short drive shortly before midnight. They were going 20 miles an hour when they slid off the road and into a ditch, they told KGW.

They were stuck on the hill and couldn’t get out.

“Even if we had moved the car [and] pulled the car out of the ditch, we couldn’t go anywhere,” Lisa Silk told the outlet. “We heard the limbs crack above our heads and fall and we had snowballs hitting the roof.”

The couple stayed in the car and drove it around until morning, KGW reported. They weren’t prepared for this kind of weather now that spring had arrived.

“All our winter stuff was already out of the car, because it was like April,” the couple told KGW. “We didn’t want to be stuck outside in 33 degrees without winter clothes.”

Portland police asked Washington County Sheriff’s Office help to help the couple. Deputies discovered the couple’s car had slid off the road and they had been stranded since the night before.

Authorities couldn’t reach them right away because several roads were closed and trees had fallen, the sheriff’s office said. Getting to the couple “proved to be quite difficult”, the deputies said.

Shortly before noon, however, deputies reached the couple. They were not injured during their overnight stay.

“MPs have begun the difficult trek out of the area,” officials said on Twitter. “And with a little help from a local neighbor and their tractor, they were able to get out of the area and then brought the couple home.”

Maddie Capron is a real-time McClatchy reporter specializing in the outdoors and wildlife in the western United States. She graduated from Ohio University and previously worked at CNN, the Idaho Statesman and the Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism.

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