Dog rescued after slipping on landfill, Oregon officials say



A 100-pound Great Dane slipped on a 60-foot embankment and

A 100-pound Great Dane slipped on a 60-foot embankment and “disappeared,” the owner said.

Westport Fire and Rescue

A 100 pound dog slide on an embankment and got stranded, Oregon officials said.

Presley the Great Dane was left outside on Sunday and gone for two days, owner Susan Clark told KPTV.

“I turned around and said, ‘Come on, Presley’, and she was gone, disappeared! Clark told the TV station.

When she finally found Presley, the dog was stranded 60 feet along a dead end embankment, the Westport Fire and Rescue Team said. She was seriously injured in the fall.

“Her injury prevented her from climbing the steep 60-foot slope,” rescuers said.

Presley’s owner called the fire department and asked for help.

As a rule, firefighters do not regularly rescue dogs. The fire chief on duty decided the team would see what they could do to help.

Several people with rescue equipment were dispatched to the scene. Once there, the team used a Stokes stretcher and ropes to pull the dog off the embankment.

Presley was free approximately 45 minutes later and was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital. Clark told KPTV that the dog is recovering at home and is fine.

Maddie Capron is a real-time McClatchy reporter specializing in the outdoors and wildlife in the Western United States. She graduated from Ohio University and previously worked for CNN, the Idaho Statesman, and the Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism.


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