Family of Black Man Killed by Deputies Files Federal Complaint | Oregon

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — The family of a black man killed by deputies has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court against Clark County in southwest Washington, alleging his law enforcement have an “established policy, custom and practice” of authorizing officers to wrongfully use lethal force.

Lawsuit comes after prosecutors declined to charge Clark County deputies who shot and killed Kevin Peterson Jr. in a 2020 drug sting, KOIN-TV reported.

Detective Robert Anderson, Deputy Jonathan Feller and Detective Jeremy Brown fired 34 rounds at the 21-year-old as he ran with a handgun during a planned drug sale of 50 Xanax pills between him and a confidential informant. He died outside a motel in Hazel Dell, near Vancouver, on the evening of October 29.

His death sparked protests and raised questions about the circumstances leading up to the shooting,

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Last year, the Pierce County District Attorney’s Office ruled the shooting was “warranted and legal.” The prosecutor said there was no legal requirement for the officers to wait for Peterson to open fire and that it was reasonable for the officers to believe lethal force was necessary.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told KOIN 6 News that officials would not comment on the ongoing litigation.

The federal lawsuit filed Thursday cites two other deadly shootings by Clark County deputies and alleged “undue use of force”: Jenoah Donald, who was shot and killed by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy, Sean Boyle, following a traffic stop, and the shooting death of off-duty Vancouver police officer Donald Sahota.

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