Family ties strong for two Montana doctors


MISSOULA – We’ve seen the term “frontline workers” written in the headlines more times than we can count in the past 20 months.

Yet more often than not we don’t know the real people behind the title.

In some cases, these are traveling nurses far from home or junior doctors moving to a community. Occasionally, these are people you’ve known all your life.

“I’m one of the hospital’s general surgeons here, and it’s been 26 years at this hospital,” said Dr Timothy Richards, community medical center surgeon.

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Next month – after two and a half decades with the Community Medical Center – Dr Richards will hang up the white coat one last time and hand over the keys to someone new.

“I took over his office. So actually, because he’s going to retire at the end of the year, I had to move into his office. He always says it’s his office, but it’s mine now, “Dr Tarin Worrest joked.

Don’t worry, this is a friendly office feud. After all, these doctors go back a long way.


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“The newest addition to our surgical platform here is Dr Tarin Worrest, who is a minimally invasive, scholarship-trained general surgeon – and also my daughter,” said Dr Richards.

After studying in Washington State, Washington DC and Oregon, Dr. Worrest could no longer stay away from home or her family.

“I think it was really helpful for me to go out and see different parts of the country, but it also really made me appreciate Missoula,” explained Dr Worrest.

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CMC doctors

Missoula, after all, is the village that raised her, and whether they know it or not, some of the teachers in that town helped shape Tarin into Dr Tarin Worrest.

“Will Pereira was my homeroom teacher, Miss Prather was my AP biology teacher, and Linda Smith was my chemistry teacher,” recalls Dr Worrest.

Reconnecting with family and former mentors is a perk of coming home, but that’s not the only reason Dr. Worrest is back.

“One of the reasons I wanted to be a minimally invasive surgeon was that there aren’t that many of us, especially in western Montana. There is only one couple in the whole state. And so, when I was looking for scholarships, I was like, “okay, what would they need in Missoula”? “- Dr Tarin Worrest

“I’m really glad she came back here because I think it will make our hospital thrive, but again, she’s my daughter and I’m proud of whatever she decides to do,” he concluded. Dr Richards.


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