Hartgen: Pot in Jackpot will surely hurt South Idaho | Chroniclers



A marijuana dispensary, which will open at Jackpot in September, will only bring further drug misery to the southern Idaho area. Its promoters have acknowledged this, saying they don’t care about Nevada politics, let alone Idaho concerns. It’s just a question of money.

It’s a sad state of affairs that Idaho is surrounded by pot dispensaries in Oregon and now in Nevada. It is only a matter of time before the drug becomes legal in the United States, either by federal executive order of the Biden administration or through state dispensaries. Sure, that’s good for investors in the marijuana industry, and the left and right-wing lawmakers they support, but how is it good for Idaho?

The Jackpot jar store plans to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. There will be a window at the wheel so you can have your stash delivered in the middle of the night, right to your car window, as will a burger and fries to go.

Then you can take a puff in your car, turn it on, and take your shots as you drive down the road, either back to Twin Falls or further south in Nevada. You drive at any time, day or night, to retrieve your hiding place. Yes, that will of course be practical. Again, how good is it for Idaho or the Magic Valley to have pesky drivers coming and going on the freeway. 93?

No one asked the citizens of Idaho if they wanted a pot shop in Jackpot, just 45 miles south of Twin Falls. No one has taken any real measure of the impact on our law enforcement, prisons, police services, let alone social disruption, broken homes, school performance, health care and d other social needs. Hey, it’s a libertarian world where we can do whatever we want and ignore the rest. We are seemingly too busy dealing with theft and domestic violence, with childcare, increased crime, accidents and deaths, disrupted lives and lost family members.


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