How Washington and Oregon Community Colleges Succeeded | New


Wallethub has published its report on the best community college systems of 2022 in the United States

The study ranked Washington as the fourth best community college system.

According to the Council of Community and Technical Colleges of Washington State, nearly forty percent of bachelor’s degree graduates from public universities in Washington begin at a community or technical college.

WASBCTC Executive Director Paul Francis said: “We are very proud of where we are, but we want to do even better in the future.

Affordability plays a role in the prevalence of community colleges in the Northwest.

The Washington College Grant is one of the most generous financial aid programs in the nation, even covering full tuition for some students.

WA and OR in top ten best community colleges

Columbia Basin College President Dr. Rebekah Woods says Washington’s success can also be attributed to accessibility. Washington and Oregon having community colleges in each district makes it easier for students to pursue higher education.

Dr. Woods says, “Every citizen in every community has the opportunity to pursue higher education.

“They can pursue a college education or credentials right outside their front door,” says Dr. Woods.

Oregon also saw success, with its community college systems ranked tenth, with one community college in Pendleton ranked nineteenth overall.

Blue Mountain College President Mark Browning says he is proud of the work done by Oregon’s community colleges as all seventeen have been ranked.

Blue Mountain Community College nationally recognized as one of the top 20 community colleges

“I think it’s representative of the good work people are doing here in Oregon,” Browning says.

Francis says “Whether it’s someone who has just set foot on a college campus for the first time, or someone looking to return after many years, we are here to serve you.”

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