Ian Mackenzie Cranston Charged with Barry Washington Murder


Ian mackenzie cranston

Oregon Police arrested a man after prosecutors said he shot another man outside a nightclub because the victim spoke and complimented his girlfriend.

Deschutes County grand jury indicted 27-year-old man Ian mackenzie cranston on multiple felony charges for the September 19 death Barry washington jr., 22, in front of The Capitol bar in downtown Bend.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced Thursday that the charges against Cranston included one count of second degree murder, first degree manslaughter, second degree manslaughter and first degree assault, as well as two counts of charge of illegal use of a weapon.

Hummel’s announcement of the murder charge was met with cheers and applause after community activists and local officials previously complained that Cranston, who is white, was getting off easily for the alleged murder of Washington, a 22-year-old black man. Cranston was originally charged with manslaughter and was released after posting $ 10,000 bail.

Police responded to a call at the corner of NW Oregon Ave. and NW Wall Street just after midnight after receiving reports of a shot and bleeding man on the sidewalk.

Hummel told KTVZ, a subsidiary of Central Oregon NBC, that Washington was inside the bar with friends and approached a woman and complimented her. She reportedly replied that she was flattered by Washington’s advance, but told him that she was in a relationship.

“That was the extent of their interaction,” the report said.

Hummel said that later that night, shortly after midnight, Washington complimented the same woman outside the bar, although it was not clear whether he recognized her and knew it was the same woman who had previously said she was in a relationship.

“There is no evidence that what Mr. Washington did when he approached the woman was inappropriate,” Hummel told the station. “There is no claim that he groped her, grabbed her, was rude to her. He complimented her in a respectful manner. She was back. She said, ‘No, thank you. I am flattered but I am in a relationship. No claim that anything Mr. Washington did was inappropriate.

This time Cranston saw the interaction and was “not happy”. He decided to face Washington, Hummel said.

“He said a few words to Mr. Washington. Mr. Washington responded with a few words, ”Hummel said. “There were pushes, shoves, punches thrown, but then it calmed down. It wasn’t going to get out of hand. Next, Mr. Cranston drew a gun from his belt and shot and killed Mr. Washington.

The district attorney said Cranston’s actions were “completely inappropriate”, describing the act as “unjustified homicide”.

Hummel said there was not enough evidence to lay a hate crime charge against Cranston, although he noted the investigation into the shooting was ongoing and additional charges could be added.

“Our country has a shameful history of bashing, chasing and lynching black men for talking to white women. Over the past week, hundreds of people have called and emailed me reminding me of this story, ”Hummel said.

“If we get sufficient evidence to prove that this shooting was at least partially motivated by race, we will return to this grand jury and ask them to add the charge.”

Cranston’s lawyer Kevin Salé Saturday rebuffed Hummel’s comments, telling CNN his client was acting in self-defense.

“Compelling video evidence shows that even before Ian Cranston pulled his gun, Barry Washington had attacked him without provocation, resulting in head injuries which forced the police to take Mr. Cranston to hospital. where a brain scan and other procedures had to be done. “He said in a statement. “Once the evidence is produced at trial, I hope someone will ask the district attorney why he deliberately inflamed the community with statements that he knew were not supported by any evidence. “

Cranston is currently being held in the Deschutes County Jail without bond.

[image via Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office]

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