J Nicolás releases melancholy American folk single “Montana Luv”


American songwriter J. Nicolás releases his first single “Montana Luv” from his debut album “Wild Oak”. The album, largely written behind the wheel, feels like driving late into the night: an effortless folk-American soundtrack for the last hours of the day. It was recorded on a one-inch tape at Singing Sands in Portland, Oregon, and Capricorn Studios in San Diego, California.

The main piece is a melancholy American ballad, where Nicolás sings a journey back from the mountains of the American West and small moments of solo travel that become tender in the presence of memory. The music reflects this state of reflection, weaving memory with topography, and explores how love for a place can be compared to love for a person and how, ultimately, leave one or the other. other can elicit similar emotions: “Oh, at night / Nothing is ever easy in the dark / The hardest part of leaving is the beginning.”

Watch the video below.

The album is peppered with rich harmonies and a band that easily carries the intuitive lyrics of Nicolás. The record exudes a sense of peace even as it navigates the memory of grief, echoing Nicolás’ healing process. The album features Sydney Nash on piano and keyboards, Allen Hunter (The Eels) on bass, Joe Mengis (The Eels) on drums, Steely Pete on pedal steel and Ezza Rose on harmonies. It was designed and mixed by Tobias Berblinger and mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering.

Nicolás has spent much of the past two decades performing in bands in Portland, Oregon, and touring with various projects before recording his debut album Wild Oak in early 2021. Follow his social media for the latest updates.

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