King Tides along the Oregon / Washington coast could have extra power; Flood warning



King Tides along the Oregon / Washington coast could have extra power; Flood warning

Posted 11/21/21 11:09 PM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection Staff

(Cannon Beach, Oregon) – This weekend’s first high tides of the season and the first installment of Project King Tides appear to have extra power on the Oregon coast and the Washington coast. (Above: Royal Tides at Nehalem Spit, courtesy Steve Moray / Oregon King Tides)

The Royal Tides are from November 5 to 7 – Friday to Sunday.

Portland’s National Weather Service (NWS) said the day before the high tides would see strong swells offshore and that a coastal flood advisory had been issued for the northern half of the Oregon coast and the southern parts of the Washington coast that day. There are already strong wind watches and warnings for various parts of the coast for Wednesday and Thursday.

Over the weekend, the combined seas will sometimes rise 15 to 17 feet, although a little less on the southern Oregon coast. While the period swells are not high – which would cause the beach to skyrocket higher – there is still a significant surge behind these high tides.

Tyler Kranz of the NWS in Portland said dramatic events would be notable on Thursday.

“We expect minor coastal flooding due to the tidal flooding around the time of high tide Thursday afternoon (Nov. 4),” Kranz told Oregon Coast Beach Connection. “This is when the great perigee tides begin, or ‘royal tides’ as you like to call it. The combined seas during this time are expected to be about 15 feet above inland coastal waters. “

As Kranz spoke to the Oregon Coast Beach Connection, he said the agency had just implemented the coastal flood advisory for tidal flooding, in effect from 10 a.m. Thursday to 4 p.m. Thursday. The affected area is the northern half of the Oregon coast and the southern Washington coast – from Florence to Raymond, Washington.

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“Minor flooding [possible] up to one foot above ground level in low areas near bays, swamps and lower reaches of coastal rivers, ”Kranz said. “In the past, similar conditions have resulted in minor flooding on Highway 101 near Seaside, Nehalem and / or Tillamook. Water also covered parts of Frazier Road, Miami Foley Road at mile 1, and the intersection near Alderbrook and Possetti Road. There was also minor flooding in the town of Rockaway Beach. “

“Keep in mind that a coastal flood warning is not as serious as a coastal flood warning, but we continue to report the threat due to the aforementioned impacts that have been observed in the past. “

On weekends there are even more during high tide events. The NWS said another storm front was arriving in the waters off those shores on Friday, with more systems arriving over the weekend until early next week. Between that and the already high swells, there is a good chance for extra powerful surges along the beaches during the high tides of the royal tides.

This will be a period that will particularly demand increased caution.

Often times, high tide events require warnings or advisories of high waves, so be prepared for them to be issued. For Thursday’s events, it will just be windy, Kranz said.

“We don’t expect the conditions to meet our criteria for a high surf rating,” he said. “That said, there will still be rough waves on Thursday with unsafe conditions for beach goers.”

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Royal Tides in Westport, Washington, courtesy of Washington King Tides / Shian Klassen

Royal Tides at Rockaway Beach, courtesy of Lawrence Soto

The high tides are breaking over Nehalem

Courtesy Seaside Aquarium

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