Marcus Mariota admits he almost made a commitment to the Washington Huskies against the Oregon Ducks


We talk a lot about “butterfly moments” in our daily life, especially when it comes to sports. What if the Portland Trailblazers drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie? Or Kevin Durant instead of Greg Oden? What if Klay Thompson hadn’t broken out for 11 3 points in a playoff game against the OKC Thunder when the Warriors were down 3-1 in 2016?

For Oregon Ducks fans, here’s one that seems almost sacrilegious to think of:

What if Marcus Mariota had never come to Eugene and instead traveled north to Seattle to play for the Washington Huskies?

It is not a fun thinking experiment to conduct, but one that would have completely skewed the history of the Oregon Ducks and set them back far in their quest for glory.

In a recent podcast interview with Rob Moseley of GoDucks on the Mighty Oregon podcast, Mariota snapped his recruiting between the two schools and what ultimately led to him choosing Oregon. Here’s a snippet of the conversation:

Mariota: Well I had spoken with Coach [Mark] Helfrich and trainer [Steve] Greatwood a little earlier, and they asked me to come. They basically wanted me to show your talents and gifts to the coaching staff and see where it went. It was funny because I had made an unofficial visit to Washington the previous week. You know, they proposed to me, I was excited, I was bending over to go to Washington.

Mosley: Phew.

Mariota: I know!

Mosley: Painful thought.

Mariota: I know it would have been… Life would have been very different.

Mariota goes on in the interview to describe how competing with Johnny Manziel in a camp ultimately led to him picking the Ducks, which he says is the best decision he has ever made in his life.

The podcast – which any Oregon fan should definitely check out – highlights Mariota’s time with the Ducks and how it has helped him in his NFL career, as he’s still looking to find a solid foundation. to the next level.

To listen to The Mighty Oregon Podcast with Rob Moseley, you can click on this link.

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