Montana Expert Talks ‘Less Lethal Defense’ at SHOT Show

It wasn’t just firearms and outdoor gear that was on display at the SHOT Show last week in Las Vegas – there was a huge section of tactical gear and a huge section devoted specifically to the application of the law.

We love our law enforcement, but if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, what happens in the critical minutes before law enforcement arrives? While you wait for first responders, you must step in and be the immediate responder.

Tragically, many Americans are caught in situations where they are not allowed to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves, their children or their colleagues. The so-called weapon-free school zones end up making these places targets for attack.

So what are you doing? What do nurses and other healthcare workers do when faced with a hostile patient in the hospital?

Alain Burrese, of Missoula, Montana, spoke about “less lethal defense” on the SHOT Show. He works for a company called Reflex Protect which offers less lethal defense tools. He is also an expert who conducts training sessions here in Montana on how to respond to an active shooter.

Here, he leads a training session at Hellgate Elementary School in Missoula:

One of the products that Reflex Protect currently has on the market is their Reflex Protect gel which can be used as an alternative to pepper spray which better targets an attacker.

Check out our full conversation with Alain:

Another company that sells “less lethal defense” products in retail establishments in Montana is a company called Byrna Technologies. They sell less lethal defense weapons like pepper guns, armored backpacks, etc.

Check out our full conversation with Josh Schirard:

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