Frontier Post LLC, Stevensville, Mt., added its own CCA processing plant to handle its own post and rail production, as well as agricultural products manufactured by others.

Operating on six adjacent acres as Frontier Wood Preservers, the facility saves the company money, labor and most importantly time.

“With the addition of our own processing facility, we are more flexible, more fluid,” said owner Orley Troyer. “We buy trees in the woods to make and retail fence posts and rails. We used to ship them out to be taken care of. Now there is only one loading and unloading. It worked very well.

The entire operation was installed late last year by American Wood Technology, sales agent for Moldrup Systems, including the autoclave, cylinder, all pumps, tanks, control system and the mixing system. “We take care of everything and help with the installation,” said AWT’s Claus Staalner. “It comes in pre-assembled components. We started from scratch and they were up and running within a week.

Frontier says the transfer went smoothly. “It’s a learning curve,” Troyer said. “American Wood Technology/Moldrup has been a very good collaboration.”

Frontier currently processes approximately 95% of the poles and poles it manufactures, primarily lodgepole pine, to 0.40 retention or reject. Much of the outdoor work involves fences and orchards in Washington, Oregon and California.

Frontier also strives to be able to handle .60 products, such as highway guardrails.

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