Oregon and southwest Washington brace for potential flooding

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Many people brace for the possibility of flooding, as we brace for another powerful system that will bring rain Wednesday night and Thursday.

One of the hot spots causing minor flooding is the Pudding River near Canby. People are worried about what the days ahead may bring.

“With the soils as saturated as they already are, and also the likelihood of a low-level snowmelt, all of this is going to combine for the threat of flooding,” said Andy Bryant, hydrologist at the National Weather Service. .

Bryant told KOIN 6 News that Wednesday and Thursday would bring a punch of snowmelt and rain.

“We don’t think this is a historic flood, but it will definitely affect several rivers. This is another weather hazard, and for those affected it will be quite serious, ”said Bryant.

Regarding concerns about Santiam Canyon, Bryant explained that “the heaviest rains will occur north of these burn areas,” and noted that landslides are not beyond the reach of possibilities, but The heaviest rains will occur in the gorge and southwestern Washington.

Their main message to people who tackle it is not to drive in standing water. They also say that if you are in an area where your access could be cut off by flooding, make sure you have all the supplies you need, or better yet, find another place to stay for a few days.

National Weather Service River Conditions

KOIN 6 News has contacted Oregon Emergency Management to inquire about their plans to keep people safe and has not had a response.

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