Oregon Counties Call for Trucks for Bodies as Deaths Rise | Oregon


By ANDREW SELSKY Associated Press

BEND, Oregon (AP) – The death toll from COVID-19 in Oregon is rising so rapidly that two counties have requested refrigerated trucks to contain the bodies, the state’s emergency management service said on Saturday.

So far, Tillamook County on the northwest coast of Oregon and Josephine County in the southwest have requested the trucks, said Bobbi Doan, spokesperson for the Management Office. emergency room in Oregon.

Tillamook County Emergency Director Gordon McCraw wrote in his request to the state that the county’s only funeral home “is now consistently at or exceeding capacity” by nine bodies.

“Due to staff COVID cases, they cannot be transported for storage in adjacent counties,” he wrote, adding that suicides are also on the rise in the county.

The refrigerated truck arrived in the county on Friday on loan from Klamath County, Doan said in a telephone interview.

The Tillamook County Council of Commissioners said on Friday that the spread of COVID-19 “has reached a critical stage.”

In a statement posted online in the Tillamook County Pioneer, they said that from August 18 to 23, there were six new deaths from COVID-19 in the county, exceeding the five total deaths from COVID-19 that occurred in the during the first 18 months. of the pandemic.

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