Oregon drops flag for Pac-12 as Air Force continues to fly high in the Front Range



Oregon has paid the price for dropping the Pac-12 flag in the college football playoff pursuit. Meanwhile, the Air Force continues to fly over the rest of the programs along the Front Range.

Arizona State and Oregon State continue to climb, Chip Kelly’s Cinderella carriage looks like a pumpkin again, and there’s a new No.1 – Cougars 5-0 BYU – in the latest installment of the Denver Post’s Best of the West College Football Top 25.

The Ducks (4-1), who held first place for most of September, slipped to second after a 31-24 overtime loss to Stanford last weekend. The loss likely puts a dent in Pac-12’s hopes of putting a program in the PCP for the first time since 2016-17 (Washington). As the Sun Devils (4-1) win at UCLA takes the shine off Kelly’s early start at Westwood, it looks like the Civil War game between the Ducks and Beavers (4-1) could decide the winner of the Pac -12 North.

Among local schools, the Falcons (4-1) appear to be on track for their 11th bowl in 15 seasons under coach Troy Calhoun after a 38-10 victory in New Mexico last weekend. . Wyoming (4-0) visits the Academy on Saturday in a showdown of the region’s top two FBS programs. The CSU Rams (1-3) end a week off to host San Jose State this weekend while CU (1-4), currently on a four-game losing streak, will play Oct. 16 against the Arizona.

The Denver Post Best of the West College Football poll ranks the Top 25 FBS programs from Front Range to the Pacific Ocean every Monday, according to the Pac-12, Mountain West and BYU. Post columnist Sean Keeler (@SeanKeeler), Post Associate Sports Editor Matt Schubert (@MattDSchubert) and Post reporter Kyle Fredrickson (@KyleFredrickson) vote for the first 25.

The rest of the latest rankings follow, with the State teams in bold:


School Previous Following
1. BYU (5-0) * (2) 2 against Boise State
2. Oregon (4-1) * (1) 1 GOODBYE
3. Arizona State (4-1) 6 vs. Stanford, Fri.
4. State of Oregon (4-1) 5 in Washington state
5. San Diego State (4-0) 7 against New Mexico
â–² 6. Stanford (3-2) 12 at Arizona State, Fri.
â–² 7. Nevada (3-1) 13 against the State of New Mexico
8. UCLA (3-2) 3 in Arizona
9. Air Force (4-1) 11 against wyoming
10. Wyoming (4-0) 9 to the Air Force
11. USC (3-2) 16 against Utah
12. Fresno State (4-2) 4 GOODBYE
13. Utah (2-2) 15 at USC
14. State of Utah (3-2) 14 GOODBYE
15. Boise State (2-3) 8 at BYU
16. Hawaii (3-3) 19 GOODBYE
17. San José State (3-2) 17 in the state of Colorado
18. Washington (2-3) ten GOODBYE
19. Washington State (2-3) 22 against the State of Oregon
20. Colorado State (1-3) 20 against the State of San José
21. California (1-4) 18 GOODBYE
22. Colorado (1-4) 21 GOODBYE
23. New Mexico (2-3) 23 in the state of San Diego
24. Arizona (0-4) 24 against UCLA
25. UNLV (0-5) 25 GOODBYE

* Your first place in brackets

â–² = Biggest climb of the week
â–¼ = Biggest drop of the week
The next Best of the West poll will be released on Monday, October 11.

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