Oregon School Board’s ban on anti-racism and LGBT signs sparks anger | Washington


That same week, it was learned that some Newberg students had participated in a Snapchat group in which participants pretended to buy and sell black classmates. Newberg Public Schools Superintendent Joe Morelock said an investigation and disciplinary action would be taken.

Highlighting how much board action has cut, raw emotion was on display during a virtual board hearing on Wednesday night. Some speakers said that the action of the board of directors is harmful. Others said the signs had no place in schools, saying they were political.

Local resident Peggy Kilburg said they should be banned from school, along with signs supporting any political position, such as the National Rifle Association posters.

Robert Till, who is gay and a sophomore at Newberg High School, said he was embarrassed living in Newberg. He cited an estimate from the Trevor Project, a group that aims to end suicide among LGBTQ youth, that at least one LGBTQ person between the ages of 13 and 24 tries to kill themselves every 45 seconds in the United States.

“A simple pride flag or BLM in a classroom shows the love and acceptance that we need,” Till said, voice shaking with anger. “Pride flags can literally save someone’s life, and you’re just going to take it off?”

School board president Dave Brown, who voted to ban the signs, said in a previous Zoom meeting that “I’m not a racist.”

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