Oregon State vs Washington: Chat with UW Dawg Pound about this weekend’s game

After a big win against Stanford (bowling eligibility!), The Beavers stay home to face the Sun Devils. We reached out to our friends at House of Sparky to get the scoop.

1.) ASU’s record is a good 7-3 this season. In a few of their losses (WSU, BYU), turnovers seemed to be a deciding factor. Is there a feeling that the Sun Devils are their own worst enemy in themselves?

ASU has had a number of issues in each of its losses this season, and while turnovers hurt every team, penalties are at the fore for the Sun Devils. With most of the offenses to come before the snap, any kind of hostile atmosphere at Corvallis will work to Oregon State‘s advantage.

2) What do fans think of the Herm Edwards era? From an outsider’s perspective, I think ASU is one of the more talented Pac-12 teams, but can be disorganized at times.

You are correct in this assessment. Most fans tire of Edwards and his team. the ongoing investigation into the recruiting violation coupled with ugly losses has many fans clamoring for his work. To Edwards’ credit, the ship has been turned around after a heavy loss more than once this year. Even with a win at OSU and a win over Arizona to close the year, it will be one of the most disappointing 9-3 regular seasons the school has seen.

3) The State of Oregon likes to trust its racing game. How is ASU’s race defense? Will they force the Beavs to beat them in the air?

BJ Baylor will have every opportunity to slash the ASU defense for big wins in the first and second downs. Arizona State’s top four are smashed, and it shows in their pass rush as well as their run defense. While the unit isn’t that great, a powerful back like Baylor should be successful. the secondary is where ASU surpasses Oregon State on the defensive end of the ball.

4) Prior to the season, Mel Kiper had Jayden Daniels as the fourth best quarterback prospect. How was his season, a chance he declares for the 2022 NFL Draft?

As this season draws near, Daniels had the chance to advance to the first round. his game has been average most of the year, and if he had to declare he would likely be a three-day pick. a return to Tempe or a transfer is the likely scenario for Daniels if he remains in the college ranks.

5) What is your prediction for Saturday’s game?

Saturday night’s game will be close and that will depend on ASU discipline. they’re the most talented roster, but that proved unimportant in two road losses to BYU and Utah. If Rachaad White can do his thing and ASU can control the possession time, they will win.

The State of Oregon and the State of Arizona begin Saturday at 7:30 p.m. PT. You can watch the game on ESPN or go to Reser and see the squad in person.

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