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Are you looking for a SME loan?

Are you looking for a SME loan?

When she barely knew how to look after her families, she got a loan from the Micro Fund for Women and opened a thriving craft shop in the heart of the Jordanian capital, Amman. At the gates of Nakuru (Kenya), Isahia Alilubun looks briefly at his cell phone: “We simply received the credit via text message”.

This name is used irrespective of the positions of EU Member States regarding Kosovo status and is consistent with both UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) and the World Court Declaration of 21 June 2010 on the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo.

This designation is not to be understood as confirmation of a Palestinian state and does not affect the positions of the states in this matter.

Loans / Scholarships | Family Service Office

Loans / Scholarships | Family Service Office

Different scholarships allow students and doctoral students to receive funding on special terms. The compatibility of research and families can be increased by a partial scholarship, the suspension of funding for a certain period or the award of a prolonged funding period. As a rule, special talent and motivation for a promotion are required. The scholarships are funded by the Studienförderfond for a period of one year totaling 2500? forgive.

On the one hand, particularly efficient students and, on the other hand, needy students with good academic success are looked after. Here the student guardians have the opportunity to be looked after according to the financial need. The students should preferably be hired as auxiliaries after the year of support. With a monthly non-income-related German scholarship of 300 EUR, particularly gifted students at all nationally and nationally renowned universities are granted support.

In addition to excellent results, support criteria include social and responsible behavior, for example in associations, politicians, in society or in the social milieu. Contact for students of the University of Siegen: The amount of the support is personal and depends on the individual life situation of the applicant, which is an economic emergency aid.

If other benefits are not or not sufficiently effective, the foundation should help parents and children. Family scholarships are available for female students with children enrolled in the program. Fellows with children receive a childcare allowance of 113 plus 85 for each additional year in addition to their studies.

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