Study says Washington ranks highest in supernatural sightings

If you believe the “truth is out there” about UFOs and aliens or believe in paranormal encounters and that ghosts are real, you have chosen a good enough state to live in.

It’s not like we live near Area 51, and we certainly don’t have a haunted house on every corner, but Washington State has had its share of supernatural sightings, a new study finds. .

Gambling news website Great Lakes Stakes analyzed the areas with the highest number of UFO and ghost sightings in the United States, and found that the state of Evergreen had the fourth most reported supernatural sighting in the United States, according to the study, which found 8,011 total reports were made in Washington.

“From aliens to ghosts, the notion of the supernatural has often been a topic of discussion in the United States, and many seek proof that paranormal beings exist,” the report said. “And with reports highlighting the growing potential for the discovery of non-terrestrial life, where might be the best place to spot a sighting of the supernatural for yourself?”

The state with the most supernatural sightings was California with 22,045, including the nation’s highest number of UFO sightings (15,072) and 6,973 ghost sightings. Texas had the most ghost sightings, with 7,382, and was second in all supernatural sightings (13,013) with 5,631 reported UFO sightings.

The report gathered data from the National UFO Reporting Center and Ghosts of America. He then calculated the odds of seeing a supernatural event in each state, using the state’s population.

Maine ended up being the state where every resident had the best chance of seeing a supernatural event with an odds of +71,900, according to the study, followed by Vermont (+78,600) and Montana (+82,300) .

Although Washington had the fourth most events, it ranked #7 in odds of seeing an event at +98,500. Oregon was eighth at +99,100, while Idaho is 10th with +107,000.

How are the cities of Washington located?

Seattle leads with 820 sightings, followed by Spokane (343), Vancouver (257), Tacoma (223) and Everett (172), Bellingham (158), Yakima (156), Olympia (152), Bremerton (126) and Auburn (125), according to the report.

Using the report’s formula to calculate the odds of seeing a supernatural event, McClatchy found that residents of Bremerton (+34,500), Olympia (+36,600) and Bellingham (+57,900) had the best odds of sighting. .

So the question now, Washington, do you believe?

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