The Highs and Lows of Heyka: August 18 Montana Weather Update | Weather ABC Fox

Temperatures across Montana ranged from the central and eastern 80s to the 90s in the west, approaching 100 around Missoula.

Winds were generally 5-15 mph.

Clear skies statewide.

It was a cooler day, though still warm, in central and eastern Montana with warm weather in the west.

Excessive heat warnings and advisories continue westward in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Monsoon moisture will return to western Montana, bringing a chance for showers and thunderstorms Friday night and Saturday, eventually moving into central areas of the state.

Much of the rain will evaporate before it reaches the ground, but a few showers may reach the ground.

Outgoing winds will be gusty with a risk of lightning.

Lows tonight in the 50s to around 60s.

Friday highs in the central and eastern 80s through the 90s to around 100 in the far west.

Highs in the 90s to around 100 Saturday and Sunday.

The highs will drop to the upper 70s and 80s early to mid next week.

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