University offers tuition discounts to Native Americans

Portland State University on Thursday announced a tuition reduction for any student from a federally recognized Native American tribe.

Starting next fall, student members of the nearly 600 federally recognized tribes across the country will receive in-state tuition, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

“Portland State is offering this benefit to tribal members as part of our ongoing efforts to provide a welcoming environment for Indigenous students in downtown Portland,” said Chuck Knepfle, Vice President of Enrollment Management for PSU. , in a press release. “This in-state tuition offer is a small way to honor the heritage of Indigenous nations across the country.”

PSU noted in its announcement that it already offers support for students of Native descent, including scholarships, programs and student groups through its Native American Student and Community Center.

Reduced tuition will be offered starting this upcoming fall term to students who can provide their official tribal residency documentation to PSU. The university does not require any other information to be considered for the discount.

The difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition is about $420 per credit hour or about $19,000 per academic year for students enrolled in 15 credits, according to PSU.

While some universities and colleges offer tuition discounts or waivers to students who are members of tribes in the state, PSU says it is not aware of any other schools that have also decided to offer discounts. to Native American students nationwide.

Statewide, the Oregon Legislature approved the Oregon Tribal Student Scholarship Program earlier this year. The grant is used to help cover tuition and other college and university-related expenses for members of Oregon‘s nine federally recognized tribes.

State higher education officials are urging eligible students to apply for this statewide grant before the August 1 priority deadline.

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