Washington football schedule 2022: 3 things to know

Washington 2022 football schedule: Who is Washington missing on the Pac-12 schedule and what are the 3 things to know?

Washington Football Schedule 2022

September 3 Kent State

September 10 Portland State

September 17 State of Michigan

September 24 Stanford

October 1 at UCLA

October 8 at Arizona State

October 15 Arizona

October 22 in Cal


November 5 Oregon State

November 12 in Oregon

November 19 Colorado

November 26 in Washington State

2022 College Football Schedules: All 131 Teams

Washington Football Schedule What to know: Who are the Pac-12 South Division Huskies missing?

Find a better break in college football than Washington missing both defending Pac-12 champion Utah and Pac-12 South USC.

That’s about as nice as it gets, and that means Arizona and Colorado are on the slate — both are home — along with Arizona State and UCLA. Those last two are tough back-to-back games on the road, but again, it’s not Utah and USC.

Against the North, Washington is scheduled to travel to Oregon, but he does not leave Washington State outside of that after Oct. 22. There could be five Pac-12 road games, but then again, there’s no USC or Utah — no complaints.

Washington Football Program What you need to know: Start hot. There are no excuses.

There’s nothing given after dropping Game 1 last year against Montana, but starting the season at home against Kent State and Portland State isn’t bad. Playing in Michigan State is tough, but at least it’s in Seattle.

Start with those three games and the Pac-12 opener against Stanford, and the Huskies won’t have to leave home until Oct. 1.

The payback is with this three-game road streak in four weeks and there aren’t two back-to-back home games after September.

Washington Football Schedule What You Need to Know: What Does It All Really Mean?

Going to Oregon and Arizona State could make it hard to hope for a trip to the Pac-12 championship if there’s a quick turnaround, but any team good enough to dream of getting there — and that’s a reasonable hope for a program like this even after 2021 – should be able to earn enough to at least get to the Oregon game with a shot to make a lot of noise.

At the very least, there’s no excuse not to go bowling with this slate.

2022 College Football Schedules: All 131 Teams

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