Washington Huskies Morning Links: “TCB, Baby” – Caring for Bears



Happy Monday to Dawg fans, and welcome to today’s Dots.

“TCB” – as in “taking care of business” – is an expression of Elvis. I’m not an Elvis man myself, but I’ve known a few people who are.

UW football had a score to settle with the Cal Bears since two narrow losses in their last two meetings. And while what seemed like a promising start turned into an ugly victory on Saturday night, the Huskies ran their business, the defense securing one of the most crucial turnovers in recent memory to seal the overtime victory. TCB, baby.

Iconic and maverick Raiders owner (and Elvis impersonator to the limit), the late Al Davis also had his own slogan – “just win, baby.” And the Dawgs did. They won … but narrowly.

  • This fourth set … what ?!

Come on friends !!


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