Washington State Could End Single-Family Zoning | State

(The Center Square) – Washington could join other states on the west coast of Oregon and California to legalize the zoning of multi-family dwellings statewide in a bill agenda on housing policies recently announced by Governor Jay Inslee.

The governor’s guidance note says the housing supply has not kept pace with population growth over the past two decades, as many municipalities only allow construction of single-family homes.

“Despite the urgent need for additional housing stock and a greater variety of housing types, we have continued to build low-density detached houses and residential units at about double the rate of other high-density housing types. density ”, according to the outline of the plan.

Inslee believes that prohibition orders restricting the location of duplexes, triplexes and other types of so-called “mid-range housing” will increase the supply of affordable housing. Supporters also say the ban on single-family zoning will limit urban sprawl.

Part of Inslee’s plan was in place when he signed House bill 1923 enacted in April 2019. It obliges cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants to choose from several options aimed at increasing the number of multi-family dwellings.

They include permission to develop at least 50 residential units per acre if they are located within half a mile of a fixed transit station; authorize at least one duplex, triplex or apartment on a courtyard on each plot in one or more areas zoned for single-family housing; or authorize secondary housing on all plots in areas zoned for single-family housing.

These cities by the end of 2022 are also due to pass new zoning guidelines that require at least 25% of all new residential construction meet the state’s affordable housing criteria.

“Our housing supply just isn’t keeping pace with the people of Washington state,” Inslee said last week at a Habitat for Humanity event in Seattle, according to The Olympian. “If we don’t fix this fundamental problem, we won’t be able to help people stay out of homelessness because rents will continue to soar. “

Another point of Inslee’s plan includes the grants that have been allocated by the state Department of Commerce to tackle homelessness. Most of this money will be used to purchase and convert apartment complexes in King County into 161 permanent housing units and also provide 84 accommodation units in a former hotel.

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