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YAMHILL, Ore. (KPTV) – Dozens of passengers were injured and three others were killed on an Amtrak train in Montana bound for Portland and Seattle last weekend.

Hope Gilmore was among the survivors. She and her husband Alan have been married for 52 years and live in Yamhill.

Hope was on her way back to Oregon on Saturday, September 25 when the train she was on derailed.

“She said she was in the car playing sudoku and the next thing she knows the train she was in had overturned and she was lying outside and there was a table that had descended on her, “Alan mentioned.

“She said they took her out with something called taco wrap and took her out of the car, but they had a hard time reaching her because the car was on the side and the door was locked. ” Hope is now being treated for her injuries in Great Falls, MT.

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“I’ve had better days, it’s not mine, I get emotional easily and me, it’s a little hard on us,” said Alan. He expected her to come home on Sunday morning as scheduled.

“When we finally heard from her, it was about three hours after the accident and she was in the ambulance and she was talking, my oldest daughter, the ambulance driver answered her phone and she had that with her, she lost her teeth and her glasses and her hearing aids and all that stuff is still out on the prairie somewhere, I guess, ”he said.

Hope underwent surgery on Tuesday and Alan said she was recovering.

“She had a fractured vertebra and a brain hemorrhage and it looked like someone had beaten her with a baseball bat,” he said. He and his family try to find those who helped save Hope so they can thank them.

“We would like to thank them,” he said. “Thank you for your kindness and hard work. “

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